Our time is a time of varities and it is especially true when it comes to electronics. All TVs are diffrent and so the TV Installtion process and requirements. Once properly done, a TV is where all your furnitures point at, and so does the attention of your guests. We understand this and this is why we make sure that our work reflects professionalism.

Full Motion TV Mounts

articulating TV mounts or swivel TV mounts, are the most flexible type of TV mounts. With a full motion mount, you can pull the TV out, swivel it left and right and tilt it down. With all this motion and flexibility, you can point your TV anywhere in the room.


Fixed Position TV Mounts

Fixed position TV mounts, also called low profile TV mounts, are the simplest TV mount option. As the name suggests, fixed position mounts are stationary. Fixed position mounts complement the sleek look of a flat-panel TV by placing it close to the wall, with super slim varieties placing TVs practically flush with the wall.


Tilting TV Mounts

As the name would lead you to believe, a tilting TV mount…tilts. A tilting wall mount allows you to adjust the degree of tilt of your television, so you can have the best viewing experience from multiple heights. This is ideal if you need to mount your TV above eye level.



Delivering a cinematic experience is about more than high-quality audio and 4K video, it’s about the space surrounding it too. We specialise in installing projectors and screens or TV mounting for the ultimate home cinema experience in an ideal location for viewing comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal.


Office Media Solutions

MasterTvcodeservices will take care at installing all the multimedia components to suit your office needs and create an executive suite appearance. From big enterprises to small local offices STV can find the solution to suit your business. Call us now to discuss your office needs.


Home Surround Sound Systems

Any true music lover or audiophile will tell you that it’s not only what speakers you get, but how they’re arranged that contributes to the overall impact of the sound. Getting it right can be an extremely complex process, as different speakers of different sizes and designs will require different positions, and everyone’s space is different.

Why choose Us

MyTvCodeservices has established itself as one of the best solution provider is the field of TV, Projector and Auido Sytem Intstallation.

Advanced Techniques

We use advanced techniques to guarantee high quality service. Our service focuses on "attending to customers' desire, by implementing installation techniques to perfection"


TV Installation & Set Up - Internet TV & Home Theatre Set Up - Concealed Cabling DVD Stand Set Up -Dealer for LCD and LED. The combination of standalone wall mount spacious cabinet makes for versatile arrangements that add a visual treat for your eyes.


Normally the length between the television and the mount will be 2.5 inch. With the help of our attractive product Swivel wall mount bracket you can push the television from 1 to 1.5 feet where it allows you operate the television easily without any damage.

The worry-free way

Get It Done installs, configures, builds, attaches, explains everything and sets up your devices so that everything works for you immediately. The services are run by qualified technicians at your site at a fixed price.


We offer you the repair of the cable of a lawn mower robot as a service. A specialist checks the loop signal and takes care of the professional repair. A function check and hints for future error preventionare then performed.


Household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or dryers can be set up and connected by our professionals on site. Both built-in devices and freestanding devices are professionally assembled and checked for their functionality.

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