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As we understand our clients needs we aim to get the job booked and done as fast as possible with having 90% of our jobs done within 48 hours from the time of booking. While we aim to get the job done in the fastest time frame we do not compromise on the quality of work even if it means spending extra time on the job and most important we will always be polite and friendly. We install all TV brands and all TV sizes. We can wall mount any kind of TV and on any kind of wall. With more than 15+ years of experience we have solutions for any Kind of TV. You can be assured that when you are booking with us we will go above and beyond the normal jobs to get the right solution for your home and TV.
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How Can we help you?

With industry leading and dynamic TV mounting solutions you have a lot to choose from. Look through our services and find the best solution that suits your TV needs.

Wireless Framing Service

Now you can place all your Audio Video components in a cabinet away from your wall mounted TV. No more stands under the TV no more wires on the floor. With all that said you still need to have an electrical outlet on the wall behind your wall mounted TV ( wireless electrical transmission for TVs still needs some time to develop)

TV Cabinate Setup

Wall-mounted TV units are used for setting a television on the wall or within its designated cabinet. It is a judicious way to save space inside a room. It can be mounted directly on the wall using a wall mount TV stand.

Dynamic Tv Wiring

TVs have come a long way in the last few years, and HDMI has been evolving to match. Here's what you should know about buying video cables for your TV, and why a cheap cable will usually provide the same performance as an expensive one.

WiFi Tv Setup Service

TV’s look great on the wall, but there’s a lot to consider when wall mounting. Will your wall hold the weight? Where are the studs and services located behind the wall? Where is the ideal viewing position and what about those messy cables? We can sort it all for you safely and efficiently!

Projector Installation

The projector’s long-lasting laser light source, complemented by an automated filter system, cuts the hassle of regular dust cleaning. Minimal maintenance needs are matched by a range of energy-saving features, significantly driving down total lifetime ownership costs.

3D Speaker Systems

Completing your home theater dreams wouldn't be possible without crisp, cinema-worthy sound that we can make a reality